We Are Different!

At Learning Forever by TALENTStream we are different. We take learning and wrap it in a unique event style that is only possible because of the quality of our learning design and training team. We are a small company that attracts attention worldwide from global names you know in a wide variety of sectors including Automotive, Aerospace, Medical and Telecoms. Why? Because what we do works! It is exciting, relevant, useful and delivers genuine advantage to the individual, team, company and customer.

Learning Forever by TALENTStream have delivered their unique training events in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, India, Brazil, USA, Thailand, Russia, Dubai, Switzerland, Canada, Hong Kong, China, Chile and more because learning this good travels well. 

Learning Forever by TALENTStream: Unique learning events that inspire and motivate all around the world. Love learning, will travel!

The DNA of Success for Leaders & Managers

Core skills that are in the DNA of every successful leader. This learning will change everything, make life easier and accelerate success.

The Management Suite

Managers are not made in a day, or two days for that matter. The courses are events to inspire your Leaders, Managers and perhaps those new to Management.

The Sales Suite

Sales are everything. If nothing sells then no value is created. We’ve sold B2C, B2B to the global giants and to individual customers all over the world.

The Psychometrics & Behaviour Suite

“Seek first to understand and then be understood”
Stephen Covey

 In addition to our suites you can design your own bespoke programme under our MAPLE heading for Management or SIP heading for Sales & Sales Management.

If you are unsure as to where your requirements may fit into our suites or MAPLE and SIP modules just talk to Kate Riley who can walk through the options available to you.

Remember, whatever you have experienced before in training, whatever limitations you believe training has, whatever feeling you have about training and the real world, put them aside for a moment and trust that TALENTStream offers something completely different to what you have experienced before.

Just totally engaging learning that inspires and motivates.

The DNA of Success  for Leaders & Managers

3 world beating courses designed to deliver the DNA of success for managers and leaders.  Business needs confident and good decision makers because indecision is more damaging than the wrong decision.  Our “Making Better Decisions” course protects against both. Conflict makes business stop and slows things down. Resolving conflicts fast and keeping relationships working makes business stronger. That’s what we do in “Positive Conflict”. Finally, you want people to be influential, the “movers and shakers” know how to get things done, overcome problems and bring people with them. Welcome to “Influence & Persuasion @Work”.

These courses accelerate success. Think of the great leaders you admire and I’ll bet they all made good decisions, resolved conflicts and brought people with them… it’s in their DNA.

2-Day Course (short highlight version available)

What does this course cover?
The more influential you are, the more successful you are! This learning event uncovers the world of Influence & Persuasion. You are provided with a map of influence that will help you navigate through the toughest problems in business in a multitude of environments and media from face to face meetings to emails and video conferencing.

This course is totally experiential in nature. From the first moment you’ll recognise that influence is subtle, irresistible and everywhere.  You’ll learn the patterns that work and a simple sequence that makes life and business simply easier as you become even more influential. By the end of the course you’ll be able to demonstrate your influence in a series of challenging moments that form the climax of the event.  You could say this is an essential course for anyone who wants to make a difference in the world… but you know that already.

POSITIVE CONFLICT Handling Conflict & Difficult Situations
2-Day Course

What does this course cover?
We deliver 5 Foundation Tools that get to the root of any conflict then explore at least 5 Active Techniques that will allow you to handle and diffuse any situation you are likely to encounter at work and maybe even at home.

From Competing Behaviours to Non-Violent Communication (NVC needs based conflict resolution), from Glasl’s 9 Levels to TKI (Thomas Kilmann Instrument), we explore them all. The course climaxes with 14 conflict situations that test learned techniques to the max. Immensely practical and our highest scoring programme.

2-Day Course

What does this course cover?
Are you a RATIONAL or EMOTIONAL decision maker? Do you always want more information or do you go with your gut? Which is better? This course explains the pros and cons and provides you with methodologies that mean you don’t sweat the small stuff and confidently move forward on the big stuff.

On top of that you will learn about the 4 main decision types, cognitive bias, your risk reward ratio, linked decisions, how to sell ideas and all about power and responsibility. The event ends with an amazing case study that will highlight everything you’ve learned during this course and will illustrate the real world of decision making and what is truly at stake!

The Management Suite

Managers are not made in a day, or two days for that matter. If you are looking for a complete Management Programme, please take a look at our MAPLE offering. The courses here are events to inspire your Leaders, Managers and perhaps those new to management.

3V is for your Leadership and Senior Management teams to ensure you deliver an inspiring soundtrack to your business. Management Fundamentals is a programme for Managers new and established, which will help open their eyes to possibility. What Will You Change? is the perfect progamme for those you are preparing for Management or to reinvigorate an established Management Team preparing for change.

Whichever programme you choose you can be assured that the content will be shaped around your company values and the current challenges you face so that your Managers and future Managers can take immediate actions that will improve your business.

1-Day Intensive Workshop for Leaders

This is a perfect event to bring together a high level leadership team in any company or organisation. It builds strength and inspires action into your values and mission.

What does this course cover?
3V stands for Vision, Values and Value. It asks What is your vision? What values do you express to your teams? and What value do you deliver to your customers?

The course includes:
The 3 Views, Why people follow, Your Values & Priorities, Values at Work, Buy-in or Align, Leadership & Organisational Health … and leaves you with 5 Questions, 4 Principles and 5 Clear Actions to reach your objectives!

1- Day Workshop To Inspire Managers

Managers are seldom prepared for the role. They simply copy those that managed them and because of that they don’t recognise the power and opportunity they have to inspire their team to great things. This workshop opens their mind to opportunity, responsibility and positive change.

What does this course cover?
This course challenges managers by asking Is what you are currently doing really Management?… and then explores the traits of the Complete Manager through a series of revealing activities.

The course includes:
LMSD (Leader/Manager/Supervisor/Doer), Responsibility & Accountability, Management Styles, Team Dynamics, Motivation, How We Learn, Driving Change… featuring models from Mosston, Hersey- Blanchard and much More.

2 x 1-day over 90-day period

This is a very unusual programme in that it challenges your managers to make a verifiable difference in the business in 90-days. Part 1 highlights the skills required and lays out the rules, Part 2 inspires your managers to explain their “change” journey and present their results. This is built in ROI.

What does this course cover?
On completion of part 1 delegates will know how to select, plan and execute their chosen project plus be given the tools and support to ensure they learn as much as possible from the experience.

The course includes:
What is Management?, You Are Your Results, Planning & Strategy, Motivating Change, Team Dynamics, Presenting Results… expect great results!

The Sales Suite

Sales are everything. If nothing sells then no value is created. We started in sales and long before we ever dreamed of running a training and consultancy group we were selling. We’ve sold Shoes, Cars, Planes, Clothes, Sports Equipment, Advertising, Holidays, Health, Computers, Television Production and more. We’ve sold on the phone, on the doorstep, in the store, on-line and on the road. We’ve sold B2C, B2B to the global giants and to individual customers and we’ve done it in nearly every major market in the world… and you will recognise that experience in everything we share in this suite.

Our S.A.M programme will make the most of your key and growth accounts. S.I.P is a packed event with something for everyone and is our signature programme. Our Sales Management programme does what is says and makes great Managers from great sales people.


2-Day Intensive Workshop

This is the course that every experienced Account Manager wishes they had experienced when they started selling. Strategic Account Management is about being proactive and becoming seen and treated as a partner in the enterprise.

What does this course cover?
This programme delivers 4 powerful planning tools and sales strategies, developed by TALENTStream to ensure your Account Managers are in control and are proactive in their accounts.

The course includes:
4×4 Sales Planning, Stakeholder Mapping, Sales Timeline™, VRA™ Opportunity Management, AFOP™, Account Planning.
Take total control of your key accounts.

1 & 2 Day Events To Dramatically Improve Sales

Consider now for a second a market where all the sales people are offering a quality product at about the same price. Who will sell the most? It will always be the highest motivated (activity) and the most persuasive and influential (skill) sales professional (behaviour). SIP helps makes great Sales Professionals.

What does this course cover?
There are 25+ take aways from this course, every one of them proven from our own experience and work with some of the best sales organisations in the world.

The course includes:
It’s NOT All About Price, The Buyers Mind, Why Discounts Cost?, Winning Body/Words/ Behaviours, The Objection Principle, Being Irresistible (in the Close)… everything you need for telephone, meetings , emails & more.

1 & 2 Day Workshops

Sometimes the worst sale managers are great salespeople who are promoted to manage their peers. It is not their fault! They are GREAT Salespeople who haven’t yet learnt what it takes to manage a team. This course is the essential need to know guide to Sales Management.

What does this course cover?
We cover the working life of a Sales Manager. From Sales Meetings to Reporting Results it is all in here.

The course includes:
What is Management? Driving Sales & Using KPI, Sales Meeting Strategies, Goals & Objectives and the Effect on Performance, Motivation Types 1,2 & 3, Performance Reviews, Dave’s Rules on Performance Management, Creating a CANI Culture… and more.


We love these tools and so should you:

“Seek first to understand and then be understood” Stephen Covey

Everyone is different and by the time we reach our working life we will have developed a pattern of thinking, a preference for learning and decision making. Understanding your own preferences and those of others is key to building trust and unlocking performance and co-operation. DISC gives you everything you need to understand how you operate and the how the world interacts with you.

360° appraisals look at the way you are seen by those who work with you and gets to the root of your successes and any behaviours that might mean your impact is less than optimal. Be warned, the truth is out there and it can hurt so make sure you deliver the findings in exactly the right environment or get us to do it for you.

These courses are only offered in conjunction with the associated tools purchased through TALENTStream Ltd. DISC analysis tools are provided by our partners TTI Success Insights UK and our 360° appraisal by partners Appraisal360 which is wholly owned and operated by Third Eye Resolutions Ltd. All associated training is designed & delivered by TALENTStream Ltd.

1 Day Workshop

This short course explains DISC and puts colour onto the pages of the profile received by your team. Suddenly all will become clear about why some relationships work and some don’t. Many ask questions about the world outside work and ask for clarity about why situations and emotions rise and fall in their world. Such is the impact of this insightful course.

What does this course cover?
There are 18 elements explored from the report plus: Why DISC is Important. Blending Styles, Talking DISC, Team Working, How to Cope With Tasks You Don’t Like,Reducing Your Stress,… and much more.

*The exact content depends on the key working environment of your team i.e. Sales, Customer Service, Management etc.

1 or 2 Day Workshop

This event works because of two things: it opens the eyes of managers as to why people do what they do and it shows them how to get them to do what they want them to do! There is plenty of opportunity to apply the information directly to their own team and there will be lightbulbs flashing everywhere as they learn to unlock performance.

What does this course cover?
This is immensely practical. Managers discover themselves and how they relate to their team, peers and own bosses. Themes include: How You Manage, You & Conflict, You & Coaching, Your Perfect Team, How To Delegate What To Who, Recruiting With DISC, How to Manage Over Promisers and Under Achievers… and lots more.

1 Day Workshop

This course works uniquely by using the outstanding Appraisal 360 tool. Using the detailed report provided by the on-line survey tool, it explores each of the sections to deliver a powerful model for change. Emphasising the positive as much as any negatives, your managers will leave with renewed confidence, understanding and personal action plan for positive change.

What does this course cover?
In addition to reviewing the report itself, this course adds many real world perspectives. These include how to apply the learning from 360 in the workplace, how to be self aware in communication and manage conflict. It is activity packed and very empowering.


Generic courses are for generic companies, and the thing is we don’t believe such a company exists! That’s why we shape every course to directly reflect your values, culture, current environment and future vision. If you need more than a course shaping to match your needs why not choose one of our bespoke options. Here we meet and consult with you to find out exactly what you are looking to achieve today and tomorrow in your business. We seek to understand the talents, ambition and motivation of your workforce and the challenges they face every day. We look at your market, the environment in which you operate and opportunities you seek to realise. We  then design a programme that fits your needs exactly.

You can choose single themes, combined courses, change initiatives, project based learning, team teaching, open ended development, train the trainer, blended learning, personal coaching, field based learning… whatever you need to reach your goals. We will work with you to design and deliver learning that ensures you have the ready TALENT to realise your ambitions. This is truly learning at its best.

Management And Performance Leadership Excellence

The MAPLE programme by TALENTStream is a series of events, designed around you, that builds into a complete guide to real world people management.

Things They Teach You at Business Schools and Some They Don’t!

What the MAPLE programme does is make high performance and proven management strategies accessible and applicable to the real challenges you are facing now.

MAPLE is built around knowing exactly what makes your people work. Whether it is in decision making, planning, communicating, presenting, reporting or simply completing a set task. Our experience in understanding the human condition and motivation behind action leads to better management strategies. This has been recognised by many of the top managers and executives that have already benefited from choosing a MAPLE programme.

Sales Influence& Persuasion

Choosing our SIP programme means you know that it is vital your sales force are differentiated in the marketplace in order to succeed. Whether you are selling Oil Platforms or Platform Shoes we can prepare your Sales Team for the situations they will encounter in the sale in a way that delivers you a genuine advantage.

What we do works! We know how buyers buy. We have trained them, worked with them and sold to them across many, many sectors. We know how their mind works, why they try to keep you at arms length and how to make your proposition simply irresistible. In the SIP programme we shape our training exactly to the needs of your team and buyers they interact with every day. Everything we do will be specific to your offer to your market. It doesn’t get any better than this.


Sometimes you want something different. You want something that brings a different energy or higher inspiration. Let us introduce you to a unique group of Guest Trainers. From multiple Olympic Gold Medalists to England’s’ record international try scorer. We can fire up your training. These are not “appearances”; these are world class training events, designed by TALENTStream, delivered by world class athletes. Talk to us.

If you would like a special event designed for learning out of the ordinary, like management & leadership skills enhanced by skiing with world class skiers in the Alps, or communication and adaptability experienced  in an exhilarating European capital, we can do it, have done it and you will be amazed!

Who We Are & What You Think
of What We Do

Since 2001 we have been pushing the envelope of learning and development. We are a premium learning provider who now employ 30 dedicated learning professionals who inspire, test and shape our content for delivery to businesses in a wide variety of sectors in the UK, Europe and beyond. We also have a network of international partners who can deliver TALENTStream content in the world’s biggest markets which means we can serve companies large and small, wherever the opportunity may lead.

The future of learning is what we care about. Businesses need a fully integrated approach to learning. One that considers the learning preferences of the individual. One that inspires and drives verifiable performance improvement. We intend to lead in developing the best integrated learning strategies in the world and work with our clients to deliver the results they need through developing the talent they employ. To us, learning is an investment and always has to deliver results.

TALENTStream values: “We always challenge the status quo, put the customer at the heart and are human & nice

What You Think

Here is a sample of the feedback we receive on our events

“Fabulous and fantastic. By far the best training I’ve had the whole time I’ve been at ** as it has been more relevant than any text book stuff”

“Thought-provoking and challenging. Exactly what the company requires at this point in time.”

“I found this course gave me improved tools to use in order to relate to and get more from my team”

“Excellent insight into working styles – leadership traits and skills to acknowledge how change is achieved through better understanding of yourself and everyone around you”

“Really informative, pro-active and an interesting way of learning. I have definitely taken a lot away from it”

“Highly enjoyable, enthusiastic and entertaining delivery of some really important and game-changing material. Thank you!”

“Training with a twist, new material and techniques to take away and implement”

“Excellent course. Really had me engaged throughout. Thank you! Providing a good education on sales techniques that I thought I already knew”